4 Simple and Perfect Medium Shag Hairstyles

What can you do with medium shag hairstyles? Perhaps, this is the first time you also learn it. Well, you cannot be deceived by the name. That is because you will not have messy hair. Literally, it is like a messy style. However, there are a few simple touches that will transform the ideal hairstyle for trendy and chic ways.

Simple and Perfect Medium Shag Hairstyles

You better know more options of medium shag hairstyles. Actually, you must pick a simple style because it can create a perfect shape. At least, you will get inspired from the collections below:

1) Rocker Chic
If you love a Rock’n Roll style, this must be a great option for you. It is a great concept for textured hair and will match for any face type. Perhaps, you will need a help with flat iron to create a smoother shape. Don’t forget to dry your hair properly and make some light parts. The last step is spraying all over for shiny look.
2) Crimson Crush
Strike the parts perfectly and make double fringes. As usual, you must use flat iron to make smoother sections. Also, use a light spray for final session. This medium hair will work perfectly on round, square, or oval faces. Just keep on the great shape as you can combine it on your ideal concept.
3) Shattered Layers
It is a good choice if you have thick black medium hairstyles. Just separate the layers and keep the large brush. Don’t forget that it is an ideal type for square, heart, or round faces.
4) Modern Blonde
No need to find complicated ideas for you medium hair type. This is the easy choice to be applied on your medium hair. It is a classic style with a great shape on the back.

Medium Shag Hairstyles

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Now, get prepared on more collections if you do not satisfy with those options above. Remember that you just need a simple and perfect option of medium shag hairstyles.

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